Within our company we use modern, computer controlled thermoforming machines with the maximum dimension 4000 mm x 3000 x 1000 mm.

CNC trimming

Technologically advanced 5 axis CNC machines ensure precise repetitive trimming. Modern software enable us to make CNC programs based on the received 3D CAD model.

PU foam technology

For products that require thermal or acoustic isolation we use PU technology. At the same time we enlarge the rigidity and impact resistance.


The company is engaged with textiling interior elements. In the automotive industry you will find elements in the cabin and in the recreational vehicle program you will find panels within the living area.

3D scanning

When there is no 3D CAD model we can use the assistance of the 3D scanner to make an identical copy of the product. We can also use the 3D scanner for the control of dimensions and determine the tolerances of the end product.